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What is the challenge?

Summer Sweat is a transformation challenge conducted via the Unjaded Fitness App. The challenge offers both home training & gym training programmes for you to choose from for 5-days per week over a 8-week period. It also includes 1x 7-day custom eating plan with access to switching foods that you might not like or enjoy – you have the absolute freedom to choose what you’d like to eat within your daily calorie intake.

How is a winner selected?

The winner is selected based on overall best transformation according to photo evidence. Because the challenge is open to both men & women of all shapes and sizes, it is too challenging to select a winner based on weight-loss or measurements as each person’s goals are different. Each entrant must submit before and after photos in order to remain in the running to win a trip overseas.

Who selects the winner?

Unjaded Fitness selects the final winner, but reserves the right to request assistance and opinion from sponsors and members of the public.

Who sees my photos?

Don’t worry, your photos are extremely private when submitted on the app and only you and Unjaded Fitness have access to them. Unjaded Fitness will also take measures to keep you anonymous (unless you win the challenge) and remove your identity.

When will the holiday take place?

The winner’s holiday time is decided by the winner, but HAS TO BE within the 6 months of the competition, unless otherwise stipulated by the Travel Agent – but we will always keep you informed!

What’s the age cut-off?

Entrants have to be 18-years-old by the time of travel.

I see there are multiple locations – how do I know which one is mine?

Each Summer Sweat challenge takes place in a specific country for residents of that country – if you live in South Africa, you will only compete against South African residents for whichever location is stipulated!

I haven’t got much experience in the gym – how will I know how to do each exercises?

Our Unjaded Fitness App gives you a full description on how to perform exercises, as well as tutorial videos for correct form and technique. We explain exactly how each workout is structured! We’ll also give you ways to simplify an exercise, or advance it if things start to get a little difficult or too easy.

I’m a vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian/lactose intolerant/glucose intolerant – does Summer Sweat cater for my needs?

YES! We respect your stomach’s needs, and provide all-of-the-above eating plans! Just let us know so we can give you the right option. Click here for more info!

How do the eating plans work?

We’ve designed eating plans that we believe best suit your budget and time schedule, as well as support your body’s needs during exercise. Each entrant is given x1 7-day eating plan with a calorie-specific eating plan – taking into account your age, gender, height, weight and fitness goals, to give you the right plan! Don’t like a couple of things on our list? That’s okay! You get the full freedom and access to change up your foods to suit your diet and taste buds along the way! We’ve included a shopping list & recipes as well! Click here for more info!

If I sign up with a friend, does this mean we compete together as a team?

No. Signing up with a friend just helps you save money! Your journey is independent of your friend’s, but you can be each others’ cheerleaders along the way!

Do I have to pay for the Unjaded Fitness App?

No. Your access to the app is included in your sign up fee, however your access will expire once the competition has come to an end. We do, however, provide maintenance plans at 50% off once the challenge comes to an end.

I’m not tech savvy – what if I can’t understand how it all works?

No need to stress – we’ll send you tutorials on how to set yourself up which you can re-watch anytime you’re feeling confused  and we’ll explain everything to you.

Do I have to take supplements with the eating plan?

No. We just recommend nourishing supplements to support your digestion, feed your muscles, and support your energy. They are not compulsory, and you are free to use your own favourite brands.

How do I get in contact with Unjaded Fitness during the challenge?

Feel free to email us at or message us directly on the in-app messenger. Please note that a response could take up to 24hours but we will try and respond as soon as possible.

Got any more questions? We’d love to hear from you!

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